A downloadable tool for Windows

Organize your Steam, GOG, Origin, uPlay, Epic, GameJolt, Itch and Discord Games! With GameLunch you get your own customizable virtual "Shelf", each one with a distintic background image and music chosen by the user for a submersive experience.

Shoot out to @PvicZone for helping me in the early days of GameLunch with his 'Sonic Launcher' project and being an extremely good friend and fan of my work. Pvic, you're awesome.

Special thanks to @Aleks_GMDev for the amazing work he did in this project, basically rewriting all of the code for a save system. The absolute madman.

Key shortcuts:

Enter -> Hide icons

F4 -> Full screen

Esc -> Exit

Install instructions

Extract the Zip file and run GameLunch.exe


Game Lunch.zip 15 MB


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Foda demais!



I like this! Maybe add a console UI with working library? LIke ps4? :)


That's a very interesting idea!